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Registration and Account Set Up


Need Patient Access or having trouble getting in?

Call our office at (804) 828-9190!

Common Problems and Solutions

Logging in your Password or Username.

- Usernames are case sensitive

Security questions.

- Security question answers must be at least 4 characters long

Setting your password.

Password requirements:

- Length between 8 and 24 characters

- Must contain at least 1 capital letter

- Must contain at least 1 lowercase letter

- Must contain at least 1 number

- The following special characters are accepted, but not required: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )

- The new password cannot match the temporary password

- The new password cannot match any previously used password

Loading the page. 

- Recommended browsers are google chrome, firefox and microsoft edge

- Make sure your browser is up to date with the latest version

- Try clearing your browser cache & cookies

Saving / Completing the iForm questions

- Be sure to click the finished button at the bottom of the page. A second popup and finished button will appear. Click finished there as well.

Accessing the secured inbox with Zix.

- Call us at (804) 828-9190 when you have time to create your account and are at a computer.