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Registration instructions

To use PatientAccess, you must be a registered patient of VCU Dental Care.  Call our office at (804) 828-9190.  New and existing patients must have a username and password to login to PatientAccess.  If you are creating a PatientAccess account for the first time, click the Register for access link.




To create an account, pleaes enter your date of birth, first or preferred name and email address.  Then click Send Email.  You will then receive an email that will let you register an account for online access.




In the email that you receive, click Create account.  This will open a registration page in your browser.  A default username is created but you can change.  Create a password and answer the security questions.

Your password must meet the following requirements:

  • Length between 8 and 24 characters
  • Must contain at least 1 capital letter
  • Must contain at least 1 number
  • Cannot begin with a number
  • Cannot end with a number
  • Cannot contain any special characters (the password must be all letters and numbers).




After creating your account, you will receive an email confirming your account registration.  You can now login to PatientAccess with your username and password.

Upon first logging in, you must agree to the Terms of Usage Agreement.  You will then see the main menu.

On the main menu, as well as along the top navigation, there are links to the following services:

  • Appointments
  • iForms
  • Personal Information
  • FAQ
  • Contacts

To complete patient forms, click on the iForms link either on the main menu or at the top navigation.  You will be presented with a list of forms needing your attention.

Click on the form's name to open the form, and fill out or update the fields as necessary.  Click the Finished button at the bottom to submit the form to VCU Dental Care.